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630 CHED Santas Anonymous is devoted to providing toys and gifts for 20,000 children annually. This is a tremendous commitment and is accomplished when the community becomes part of the magic. Hosting a private or public event is a wonderful way to inspire others to give.

Toy & Fundraiser Suggestions

Applicant's Information

Event Information

We will make every effort to assist with promotion. Due to content submission deadlines we may not be able to.


Note: Your promotional material must clearly state that you are conducting a toy/fund raising event “In Support of 630 CHED Santas Anonymous”. All promotional material, electronic or print, MUST be approved by 630 CHED Santas Anonymous prior to distribution.

To assist in event promotion 630 CHED Santas Anonymous posters (24” x 18”) are available for pick up from Santas Depot or 630 CHED. A letter size version of the poster can be emailed upon request.

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Fundraising Information

If you intend on offering tax receipts, this must be pre-approved by 630 CHED Santas Anonymous. Tax receipts are issued according to Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.

Proceeds must be received within 14 Days of the Event.

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Third Party Event Guidelines

1. A Third Party Event is an initiative that is organized and executed by an individual or group independent from 630 CHED Santas Anonymous such as a Pledge-A-Thon, Dinner & Auction, Tournament, Event Ticket Sale, Product Sale or Cause Marketing

2. The Applicant must receive approval from 630 CHED Santas Anonymous prior to proceeding with the event.

3. 630 CHED Santas Anonymous’ name (including variations of) and logo are the sole property of CHED Santas Anonymous Incorporated and can only be used with the expressed written permission of 630 CHED Santas Anonymous.

4. 630 CHED Santas Anonymous requires all fundraisers to clearly state the manner in which the fundraising dollars will be calculated. 630 CHED Santas Anonymous has a reasonable expectation that the fundraiser is not designed primarily for the financial gain of the hosting organization.

5. Proceeds to 630 CHED Santas Anonymous must be remitted within 14 days of the event.

6. The applicant is responsible for any financial costs and no costs will be incurred by 630 CHED Santas Anonymous unless otherwise agreed to in writing prior to commencement of your initiative.

7. The applicant is responsible for ensuring liability insurances are in place.

8. Tax receipting must comply with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines and 630 CHED Santas Anonymous’ policy. Requests for tax receipting must be submitted along with your application for approval.

9. Applications are approved for a defined period, please advise 630 CHED Santas Anonymous with any schedule changes or cancellations.

10. The Applicant is responsible for: recruiting & managing volunteers, event advertising (ticket sales, press releases, flyers, etc.), creating a budget, all expenses incurred, event sponsorship and/or solicitation unless otherwise agreed upon by 630 CHED Santas Anonymous.

11. Should an event organizer wish to include a donation (cash or cash to buy toys) in a vendor fee, it must be optional to the vendor and clearly indicated on the vendor application form. If a vendor wishes to make this donation, it is the vendor that is eligible for the tax receipt.

12.630 CHED Santas Anonymous reserves the right to withdraw approval of an event, at any time should it not comply with our Mission, Vision and the Third Party Event Guidelines, or differs in any way from the original application.

13. 630 CHED Santas Anonymous is unable to provide boxes for toy donations. Please supply your own box. Boxes should be clean and presentable or decorated with festive wrap. The box should also be clearly marked that it is a donation point for 630 CHED Santas Anonymous. We will provide posters upon request.

14. When forwarding toys and funds please indicate that they are from your event.

15. 630 CHED Santas Anonymous does not trade, sell or exchange databases or donor lists.

16. 630 CHED Santas Anonymous does not support initiatives that pose a health hazard, solicit door-to-door or solicit through telemarketing. Fundraising initiatives must be consistent with the positive image of 630 CHED Santas Anonymous.