Nominate a Volunteer!

Every year, dedicated volunteers contribute more than 12,000 hours of their time collecting, sorting, packaging gifts, and delivering gifts to over 20,000 kids - come rain, sleet, snow or shine! Santa's elves could never deliver this program without the help of our trusted, kind and compassionate volunteers. 

Each year at our volunteer appreciation event, we take a moment to honour some special volunteers who have gone above and beyond - and we need your help!

Do you know a volunteer who adds an extra sprinkle of Christmas magic to their volunteer role at Santas Anonymous? Help us share the festive spirit and honour those who light up the holiday season by nominating them for one of our volunteer awards. 

Each year the Gary Draeger Volunteerism Award is presented to a long-term volunteer who demonstrates “positive and reliable service delivery, a positive working relationship with staff and other volunteers, and actively promotes the mission of 630 CHED Santas Anonymous in the community."
Gary Draeger of 630 CHED, coordinated the Santas Anonymous program for many years. Gary was the “Head Elf” on the campaign, and his true spirit and dedication to the program inspired many thousands of thankful families over the years. Gary passed away due to illness in 2005, the award is meant to honour his spirit, which made an impact on so many.


The Gary Draeger Memorial Award will be presented to outstanding volunteers who consistently demonstrate values that support a successful campaign and meet the following criteria:

  • Provide a minimum of 10 years of service to CHED Santas Anonymous
  • Demonstrate positive and reliable service delivery
  • Demonstrate a positive working relationship with staff and other volunteers
  • Actively promote the mission of Santas in the community

Gary Draeger Award Recipients: 

  • 2023 - Pat Chernichan and Gail Gagnon
  • 2022 - "Santa" Dan Cuthbert
  • 2021 - Elaine Unterschute
  • 2020 - Brent Pullishy
  • 2019 - Tom Davies
  • 2018 - Lyle Graham
  • 2017 - Germaine Chau
  • 2016 - Johanna Groeneweg
  • 2015 - Colin Schultz
  • 2014 - Kevin Hansen
  • 2013 - Ray Plaizier
  • 2012 - Sheila & Kelvin Smith
  • 2011 - Gertie Groeneweg
  • 2010 - Jim Rudolph
  • 2009 - Barry Munson
  • 2008 - David Smith 
  • 2007 - Rob Lequelenec
  • 2006 - Bob Stokowski
  • 2005 - David Fowler

Santa Claus called on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer to light the way for his sleigh on a foggy Christmas Eve. The Rudolph Award goes to a volunteer who went above and beyond this season.

This award is presented to a volunteer who lit the way and stepped up in ways that no one else could!

  • 2023 Recipient - Mike Derbyshire
  • 2022 Recipient - Dale Silver

This award is presented to a volunteer within their initial three years of service, whose commitment and actions shine brightly and embody the true spirit of giving during the holiday season.

This award celebrates the promise of their early contributions as a 630 CHED Santas Anonymous volunteer!

  • 2023 Recipient - Paul Tokar
  • 2022 Recipient - Anna Silver

The Giving Spirit Youth Award recognizes volunteers up to Age 25 who remind us that the spirit of giving knows no boundaries, and their enthusiasm encourages others to follow in their compassionate footsteps. These individuals exemplify the profound impact that a single individual, regardless of age, can have on the world and exemplify the core values of 630 CHED Santas Anonymous.

  • 2023 Recipient - Brennin Turner and Jada Turner
  • 2022 Recipient - Adri Plaizier

Volunteer nominations are now closed for the 2023 Christmas season.