Toy & Fundraiser Suggestions

Whether it is at work, at school or with family and friends any event can be tailored to your group. Here are a few suggestions from us and from Any event can be a toy collection or fundraiser. There are many other websites with great event ideas.

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Mmmm, Fundraising and Food

Smoothie Stand– A healthy and yummy twist on a lemonade stand.
Buy a Meal– Volunteers make and sell donated meals.
Cook Off– Solicit volunteers to enter their best dishes and have people pay to vote on the winners. Having a theme like chilli or cakes makes it easier for tasters.

Events with Participation Fees or Pledges

Matching Donations – Companies match donations made by their employees. Or teachers match donations made by students.
Paper Santas – Sell our paper Santas for a minimum donation. The donor writes their name and favorite toy or toy suggestion on the Santa, and you then display all the Santas on a Christmas tree or wall.  These may be ordered from the Santas Office after November 6th.
Spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S – Hold a spell-a-thon with each contestant collecting donations for the number of words they spell correctly.
Reverse Raffle – All potential sponsors get a raffle ticket and sell it back for $10 (suggested donation) to avoid getting their name drawn to do something embarrassing.
Choose the Torture – Have donors pay for a vote to decide which form of “torture” to inflict on a school/organization’s leader (i.e. dye hair, dress as a clown, trade a job for a day).
Bail Us Out – Handcuff two willing fundraisers and let them loose to raise “bail”.
Change It – Start a competition between classes, families or individuals by giving each a coin jar to collect change for a designated amount of time. The one with the most collected wins a prize.
Gift Exchange – Give children’s gifts based on what you think a person would have liked as a child, then donate them to Santas. You still get to open a gift and have a lot of fun.

No Cash, No Problem

Rent-a-Worker – Volunteers commit to working for an afternoon doing any odd jobs sponsors “hire” them to do.
Birthday Pledge – Ask for donations to Santas instead of birthday gifts or cash.
Pump it Up – Coordinate with a local gas station to have volunteers serve as gas station attendants who pump gas and clean windshields for donations.

Once you have decided upon your toy fundraiser click here to register your event with us.

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