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Giving the Gift of Christmas

Thank you for taking the time to select a toy for a child to open Christmas morning!

"Today I received a Christmas package for my daughter. It was wonderful!! It actually brought me to tears knowing how much people really care for one another. Thank you so much and when I am in a better financial situation I will for sure do the same for another family! Thank-you again so much! Very Merry Christmas, peace and blessings to you all!"


Donation Details

Donation Deadline:

  • Toys are collected year-round, for this Christmas, we recommend making your donation by November or early -December to allow the gifting elves enough time to sort and package toys for Delivery Days on December 16 & 17, 2023. Toys received later in the season are just as important! They'll get used for last-minute requests and are crucial in helping Santa's elves get a head start for next Christmas!

Gifts Guidelines:

  • We provide toys for children from infants to 12 years of age only. The age recommendations on toys are a great resource when deciding what to donate.
  • “Play value” is very important and simply means that regardless of cost, a toy can be interactive and provide a child with hours of entertainment. Remember that a toy like a remote control car given to a 5-year-old will probably be enjoyed after the life of the batteries, however, the same type of toy given to a 12-year-old may sit in the corner after the batteries lose power. Get some gift ideas for Toy Donations.
  • Toys and packaging are getting bigger every year. Please consider a smaller toy as volunteers need to place gifts for one family into one delivery bag.

Where to Drop-off Your Donation: