Group volunteers join the elves at Santas Depot for 3 hour shifts in groups of 5 to 20. Volunteers can be involved in some or all of the following activities: preparing gifts for individual children, bagging gifts for specific families, sorting toy donations, condensing sorted toy bins, and putting batteries in toys. 

  • All Volunteers must be 16 years of age or older. 
  • The request form will be available online from October 1-24
  • Shifts are scheduled between November 14-December 13, 2018
  • Group volunteering is extremely popular and we often receive more requests than shifts available. In order to make it as fair of a process as possible, a lottery draw may be held for any oversubscribed (typically evening) shifts.
  • Groups will be notified by November 10 regarding their shift date or waitlist status.
  • Cancellation: Should we need to cancel your shift as much noticed will be given as possible.  Some reasons for cancellation are when we have a lack of donations or we are all caught up based on the number of request for toys.   

As an alternative, individuals and small groups (2-4 people) may wish to volunteer during drop in days.    

Individual Volunteer Opportunities

We understand that some companies want to know if they have been awarded a shift before November 10, please appreciate we try to make it as fair for everyone and will contact you as soon as the schedule is complete

We are very fortunate and do not take for granted that so many groups and individuals want to be part of delivering the spirit of Christmas.

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