Delivery Day

Deliver the Spirit of Christmas!

This is the most popular volunteer role at Santas Anonymous. Delivering toys to Edmonton homes is a tradition for many in the community. 

"My most memorable moment was a delivery to a 4 yr old girl, when her mom answered the door she shouted 'See Mommy I told you Santa was real!' To see the wide-eyed look on her little face and the thankful look on her mom's face is something I will truly never forget." 

- Alicia Tyminski 

Here's what you need to know:

  • Delivery Day 2019 is December 14
  • You must bring your driver's license and insurance into the Depot for verification - you can not deliver gifts without this, please remember to bring it with you from your vehicle when you arrive
  • We do not pre-register drivers - just come down to Santas Depot at 12122 68 Street on Delivery Day and we'll walk you through the rest!
  • Delivery Drivers are dispatched starting at 9:00am
  • Many volunteers make it a tradition to come early but it's not necessary to arrive before 9:00am, packages are dispatched until 2:00pm or until the last package is gone
  • You may bring as many helpers as you like, there are no limits on Delivery Day! Come one come all!
  • All ages are welcome to volunteer on Delivery Day - if you're looking for a group opportunity for youth or families at the depot click here

Volunteer Parking & Traffic Control volunteers will be directing traffic in and out of the parking lot, and we ask that you be patient and courteous as their priority is everyone’s safety.

Please note that there is no street parking permitted - all parking is in the Burns Lot at 7008 120 Ave or as directed. 

Delivery Weekend Parking Map 2019

Delivery Weekend Parking Map 2019

Get the App!

The quickest way to get through the depot and out delivering gifts is using the Santas Driver App! Let the app keep track of deliveries, find the addresses and give you directions to each home.

Search "Santas Driver App" to download it before Delivery Day from the Apple App Store or Android Play Store.

Watch the Demo Video

Frequently Asked Questions

We are in need of Parking and Traffic Control Volunteers in Groups of 2-20 on Delivery Weekend and Walk-in Days. Volunteers must be over 18, please note that this is an outdoor job, volunteers must be able to stay for the full shift. 

Shift Dates: 

Delivery Day - December 14 6:30am-3:00pm

Walk-in Days - December 19 & 20 6:30am-2:00pm and 2:00pm-6:00pm


This is a big answer and here goes…

  • Bring your helpers, valid driver’s license and insurance with you into Santas Depot.
  • Volunteer Guides & Greeters are outside and will provide each driver a Dispatch Form. Drivers are to fill out their information including a phone number and driver’s license number.  Drivers also must agree to and sign our oath of confidentiality.
  • At this time you will decide if you want to use our Delivery Day App or receive a printout of the addresses you are delivering to.
  • If you select the app, you will need to download it before you get to the document table.
  • When you reach the document table, volunteers will verify that your driver’s license and insurance are valid.
  • Next is the dispatch table.  Here you will be asked about where in Edmonton you would prefer to deliver.  Should the toys for the area you requested have all been dispatched we will suggest other areas.
  • You will be assigned a volunteer dispatcher, and they will go over the delivery process and answer any question you may have.
    • If you selected to use the app, you will scan the code on each delivery package.  Once you confirm that all addresses are recorded in the app, the dispatcher will give you a copy of the form you signed earlier.
    • If you choose not to use the app, your dispatcher will record the address of each delivery package you are taking and stop at a printer to pick up a printout of your delivery route.
  • If you require assistance taking the delivery packages  to your vehicle, volunteer porters are on hand to assist.
  • Once you have the delivery packages at your vehicle, you are ready to deliver.

You may take between one and fifteen packages. Come back and get more packages to make a second or even third trip. As long as there are packages to deliver, you are welcome to return.

In 2019 Delivery Day is December 14. Each day we start dispatching at 9:00 am and stop at 3:00 pm or when the last package leaves the depot, whichever occurs first.

On average, it takes approximately 3 hours to deliver 10 packages. Once you are parked, you will be in and out of Santas Depot in approximately 20 minutes depending upon whether there is a line to get in. Those arriving when there is a line to get into the parking lot (especially on Saturday morning) have waited in their vehicles for up to 2 hours before parking.

You can download the App now (although you may have to update it before delivery day), but it cannot be activated until delivery day. Click here for information on downloading the App.

We have paper maps of each area if you wish to take one. We encourage you or someone in your group to download the app, it helps the whole day run smoother!

You are welcome to phone the number on the delivery tag for instructions. After calling, if you are still unable to deliver the bag, return it to the Santas Depot by 6 pm indicating on the tag why it is being returned.

Yes, you can leave the  package with any adult at the home. If there is no adult and an older child (10+) is home and they appear responsible, you may leave the  package with the child. Use your own judgment. If you are not comfortable leaving the package with anyone in the home, return it to the depot by 6 pm indicating on the tag why it is being returned.

On occasion a family’s situation changes and they may refuse the delivery of the package. If this is the case, please write REFUSED on the back of the tag and return the package to the depot by 6pm.

Sure, you can try again later on the same day if time permits. If the bag is still undeliverable, return the package to the depot by 6 pm indicating on the tag why it is being returned. 

  • Don't Forget - Leave the bag or the tag. Leave the “Not Home Form” (tag) for the family, which provides them with instructions on how to receive their gifts. Bring the (bag) package back to the depot by 6 pm indicating on the tag why it is being returned.

Delivery Day goes ahead sleet, snow or shine! The snowier or colder it is the more important it is for drivers to come out and make sure we get the toys delivered. 

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