Monthly Giving

Families in Edmonton need a Christmas miracle more than ever. Your donation helps fill hearts with happiness and hope...

Hope for parents who are struggling to make ends meet. 

Hope for kids who keep believing in magic.

It doesn't take a large amount to make a Christmas miracle, in fact, just 10 dollars per month can buy toys for up to 3 children at Christmas.

The Impact of your Monetary Donation

Your donation makes an incredible impact on children in Edmonton. Because of you, they know they are remembered during the holidays.  All items gifted are new and we aim to have each child’s gift package include:

  • A primary toy is one that can be played with immediately, sparks creativity and they can do on their own or with others, such as blocks and crafts.
  • A secondary item may be a seasonal toy like a soccer ball or a toy that requires another person to play, such as a board game.
  • An age appropriate book.
  • A stuffed animal or other soft item like a themed blanket or pillow.

Monetary donations allow our thrifty elves to purchase toys and books at cost.  On average, a complete gift package can be purchased by Santas elves for approximately $40 per child, as opposed to $85 retail. 

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